Landscape design - revitalizing property

Our exclusive Landscape Design allows us to work closely with homeowners to create a plan for the future of their entire landscape. We will show you how it can be accomplished afford-ably in a number of stages. With this service our customers are presented with detailed plans, detailing ways that they will continue to optimize use and enjoyment in their little piece of paradise. McDow Landscaping works with you to design and build beautiful gardens and ponds that are unique to you and most importantly help you revitalize your property. With 25 years of experience and expertise, we have managed to master the best practices to provide serene beauty and functionality.

Woodworking (fences/patios/decks)

We build each fence with the objective that 10 years later, the quality of our construction continues to be noticed and appreciated. With the proper skill sets and tools we can proudly say we provide the highest quality fences.

We take this same practice when we build decks and patios. We work with our designers to yield the best experience possible and build long lasting decks and patios. Our skilled laborers provide meticulous craftsmanship, so you will be left with a deck that you will be happy to show off to your neighbors and friends.

Stone work - Flagstone

We provide high quality stone work for your front porch, front entrance walkway, side dwelling walkway, garden pathway or hot tub slab. It takes time to perfect stone work and if it is done poorly the stone will raise. This is why we utilize detailed attention and use best practices to ensure our stonework is the best in the business.


McDow Landscaping provides driveway paving, drainage, excavation, and sealing. We also take special requests such as interlock, stone, and concrete. It takes specific tools and highly skilled laborers to provide quality driveways; McDow prides ourselves on the work we do, every job we complete is something we would be proud to put our names on.

Retaining walls

We will design and construct retaining walls. You will be happy to know that we have worked with many different kinds of materials and we have completed retaining walls and hardscapes of all shapes and sizes. Having perfected the art of retaining walls over the last 25 years we are proud to say that we can handle anything you may be contemplating.


McDow Landscaping offers a range of pergolas, custom designed to fit your needs. Whether it be pitched, flat or a unique design of your choosing, we can provide a stylish outdoor space. We focus on creating outdoor masterpieces. By using high quality materials, our newly created decks and pergolas can alter the look of any house. Whether you’re looking to bring a bit of class to your outdoor oasis, or are just looking for a space to relax after a long day at the office we can make it happen.

We also offer a range of custom built gazebos that allow you to enjoy your garden, the fresh air and add another room to your house. You can be assured that with our expertise, we can bring to life your most far fetched expectations. We use our skilled designers, so you can be assured that not only can we build any solution for you, we have the scope to ensure that it is practical and will work for years to come.


Our sodding services are ideal for homeowners. We offer solutions that are ideal for virtually any sized project or property. Whether you have a brand-new home or are renovating an old gem, we can provide solutions for your lawn. Professional grading and installation can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal, while offering a beautiful, usable lawn that will provide you and your loved ones with years of enjoyment.

Tree and Property Maintenance

We work with homeowners, landlords and businesses across the Niagara region and St Catharines to yield an immaculate and beautiful property. Ensuring your property is clean, maintained and structurally sound is not only visually appealing but a necessary part of home, property or business ownership. We also offer a tree maintenance package to ensure your greenery continues to grow and thrive in its environment for years to come. It is important to look after the environment for our future generations, which is why we love taking care of your trees.

Hard and Soft Landscaping

McDow Landscaping provides all the services mentioned in the residential services for commercial properties, along with excavation. We provide all the necessities for your growing business, or for businesses looking to improve their appearance. We will work with you to fashion the perfect design, while maintaining a rate that you can afford due to our efficient work ethic.


  • 24/7 snow phone
  • snow plowing
  • ice management
  • snow relocation (on site)
  • snow removal (off site)